I first picked up a camera in the early 1960s when my father gave me a Kodak Cresta III Camera. It cost him 1,008 Kensitas Cigarette Coupons and I'll be forever grateful for that. However, it never convinced me to start smoking, although I did start taking photographs, and I haven't stopped since... although I have since downsized due to the fact that I have completely retired from active motor sport.

I was never the most gifted photographer, and I am certainly not the most effective photoshop artist around, but I like to think that my images tell a story, and part of that story is the caption. If humour can be used to help I'll be the first to use it. My photography has definitely improved since the 20th century, although many of my earlier pictures could easily be termed 'stock' or 'record' images. In saying that, there are a few gems in the library. Some of the images herein have been on here before, but I think they deserve to remain. There are many 'new' old photograph never seen before.

I do hope you enjoy viewing my photographs because I certainly enjoyed taking them; I also used to compose event reports and articles for newspapers and the specialist media, and my writing skills, if I can take the liberty of calling them that, came into play when I published "DAVID GILLANDERS - I do all the talking!"

Many of my motor sport photographs were taken in the years B.C. (before colour) because, at the time, much of the print media (such as "Motoring News", "Motorscot", "Rally Car" and "The Press and Journal" only printed in mono, and I covered many events specifically for them.

Thank You,
Jack A.W. Davidson