Thank you for visiting my website, J777AWD. Why did I choose that particular name? Well, it's my full set of initials
and I was born on the 7th (but not in '77) and it's the registration number I have on my car, so it made perfect sense to me.
I wondered about having 'Davidson Photography' but there are far too many 'Surname Photography' websites about.
I thought about capitalising on my Scottish roots and calling it 'Tartan Photographer', but common sense prevailed.
Should you be interested in my tartan items, then please don't hestitate and check out
I then had a look through my Clikpic host's list of photographers and nothing came close to 'J777AWD', so that settled it.

I first picked up a camera in the early 1960s when my father gave me a Kodak Cresta III Camera which cost him 1,008 Kensitas Cigarette Coupons. I'll be forever grateful for that. It never convinced me to srtart smoking, but I did start taking photographs, and haven't stopped since... I am not be the most gifted photographer or photoshop artist around, but I like to think that my photographs tend to tell a story, and part of that story is in the caption. If humour can be used to help this, I'll be the first to use it. I think my photography has improved since last century, although many of them could be termed 'stock' or 'record' images. Either way, I do hope you enjoy viewing my photographs.
I certainly enjoyed taking them, from aircraft to zebras and the whole alphabet in between. I would need thousands of websites if I wanted to do justice to them all, but to be fair to the viewer (or viewers if there are more than my relatives viewing...) I have restricted my work to a maximum 750, although I will change some or all of them out as need be. I also plan to replace the captions of some of them with the scientific names, as required, and/or as I identify the subjects, but this will take some time.

Taking a photograph is fascinating process; it arrests a fleeting moment in time. I regularly marvel at the movement of birds in flight, for example, and enjoy seeing a coot scoot across a loch, or a formula one car speed past, or a rally car on full opposite lock. Or even a butterfly fluttering by. Many of my motor sport photographs were taken in the years B.C. (before colour).

Please feel free to contact me to ask about other subjects that I might not have illustrated herein. If you seek a photograph or two for a website, a calendar, a diary, a magazine, or merely to hang on the wall, or postcards, or Christmas cards, or promotional products with one of my photographs (that's one of the photographs I have taken, not MY photograph - you really wouldn't want that...) I hope I can help.

Thank You,
Jack A.W. Davidson